the rooms

Players will experience fast-paced, exhilarating scenarios while sharing the excitement and satisfaction of solving a series of puzzles with their fellow players.  Below are descriptions of each room....which one will you attempt?


Rome Escape Room (by Hammer and Wolf)

Never played an escape room before?  This room was designed with you in mind!  The puzzles and clues get increasingly difficult and more complicated as you solve them.  If you have played a room before but want a new and unique escape experience check out the Rome Escape Room.  Designed for all ages and experiences, come test your puzzle-solving skills.

4-6 players recommended - up to 10 players - 60 minutes


Code Breaker (by Hammer and Wolf)

Your family legacy of serving your country goes back generations.  You've dreamed since your earliest days of being like your grandfather, a master spy and one of the greatest minds of his era.  The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. This is your chance to prove you have what it takes to serve in an elite codebreaking unit.  Standing between you and that dream is a mysterious figure -- a man who would be your mentor --  now is your chance to demonstrate you've got what it takes to become a Code Breaker.

8-10 players recommended - up to 10 players - 60 minutes


Blind Pig (by Hammer and Wolf)

Welcome to Rome, year 1920, when certain substances have been outlawed. There's a mobster running many businesses in town, most of which are cover ups for less than legal endeavors...Rumor has it, she runs a secret bar called The Blind Pig. Last we heard, her manager tried to steal all her money and get out of town. She's looking for new help that she can trust, but be warned: she's dangerous. Are you up for the adventure?

4-6 players recommended - up to 6 players - 60 minutes